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Employment information

(1) FC owner / industry inexperienced person of sword exercise, which is a hot topic in many media, is also a member. (2) Purchase of exercise program


① Many inexperienced people join / Those who spread sword exercise together, those who like exercise, those who like Japanese culture (inexperienced)
② Gyms, fitness clubs, sword dance groups, personal trainers

Work place

Online lessons are also available at home, so your preferred location will be your place of work!

Business content

① Take a course, sign a membership contract as an FC owner, and operate (management) sword exercise

② Purchase the program and use it by individuals or groups

* For ①, you will be required to take an online course and obtain operational certification. If you would like to purchase only the program of ② or have any questions , please contact us here .

Please feel free to contact us first.
Inquiry form

After inquiry ↓ ↓ ↓
1. Online interview
2. Online basic course start example 1) Male in his 30s with experience in kendo
Complete 36 frames (1 hour / frame) in 6 months

Example 2) Inexperienced female in her 50s
36 frames + 6 additional frames (1 hour / frame) completed in 9 months * Basically 6 frames a month for half a year curriculum. If you are in a hurry, please contact us.
3. Opened sword exercise with management certification
4. Applicants can continue to take standard courses and advanced courses

* If you wish to purchase the program, you will receive one program in 2 hours. (With choreography video and sound source used)

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