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Samurai Training Tokyo

What is Samurai Training Tokyo?

Point 1

One of the leading tourist destinations in Japan

Good location called "Asakusa"! !!

Point 2

School of swordsman is carefully

Guidance ! !!

Point 3

Your sword fight movie

As a souvenir! !!

Point 4

At the end with a face photo

Presentation of official certificate! !!

This "Samurai Training Tokyo" can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a samurai.
Wear a samurai costume and practice how to use a sword. After training you will be given a school certificate.
Sharpen your spirit and learn samurai skills!

This ”Samurai Training Tokyo” will help you fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a Samurai. Put on samurai costume and practice how to use katana. A souvenir certificate will be given after your training session. Sharpen your spirit and be ready to master some samurai techniques!



Change the costume

Choose your favorite kimono and obi and change into a samurai costume.



Take a photo

Under the guidance of an instructor, I take pictures in various poses. Finally, the photo data will be handed over on the SD card.



Start training

Beginning with courtesy, sword pulling, sword delivery, and finally sword fighting, take a video with your smartphone.



Get a certificate

After the experience is over, you will be presented with a certificate with your face photo. Now you are a samurai from today!

Flow after coming to the store

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