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What is the sword dance Ukonryu?

Created by Ukon Takato, the second generation of the Koto style of Japanese traditional dance, created in 1997 with the aim of inheriting the "sword dance", which is attractive for the beauty of Japanese dance and powerful sword art, as a proud culture of Japan. Flow. "Kenjutsu", a unique method that combines Japanese "sword art" and "dance", is characterized by its supple and beautiful sword handling.

The sword-based mental and physical fitness program "Sword Exercise," which specializes in basic training, has gained support from women as a pioneer of reki-jo and sword girls, and has been introduced not only in Japan but also in overseas media such as LONDON TIMES. To.

Furthermore, "Samurai Training Tokyo," which is being developed in Asakusa as an experience content for tourists visiting Japan, is currently attended by guests from more than 80 countries. Produced a school of swordsmen to the world.
The general term for all categories that inherit such sword dance is "sword dance dojo", and not only self-discipline, but also "gratitude" and "compassionate" to the other party to enhance the spirit and skill and perform arts.
Enrich your life by polishing and learning a cultural way of life.

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