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Casual, Fun, Serious! Adult club activities to stimulate your daily life

To all companies

Learn "KENBUDO(sword dance)"

UKON-ryu is loved by people of all ages and nationalities who want to have fun and add color to their lives by learning the art of sword dance.

Lessons are available for beginners who want to enjoy physical exercise, as well as for advanced students who want to start full-fledged sword dance.

We aim to be a warm and friendly school where students can take hands with their friends, support each other, and respect each other, and where UKON and his students will continue to advance and pass on the samurai spirit as a Japanese culture that we can be proud of to future generations.



(For beginners, female lesson class)

This workshop allows you to experience a full day of sword dance lessons with master Ukon . The unique lessons, based on his experience on the professional stage, will surely draw even inexperienced dancers into the fascination of sword dance. All ages, nationalities, and genders are welcome to participate.

KENBU UKON-ryu-Kumogumi-HP, click here

Sword Dance Ukonryu-Ungumi-

(For beginners, female lesson class)

Kenmai Ukonryu-Ungumi-is a sword dance and sword fight performance team produced by Shihan Tamaki Yuri, which is made up of rare female members.
At first, everyone starts from a beginner, so I would like to go around like a historical drama! I want to experience Japanese culture! Those who are interested in sword fighting and sword dance, those who are looking for lessons, feel free to make a trial reservation from the Ungumi homepage ♪

Sword exercise

(Women's exercise class for fun exercise)

Sword exercise is a new type of exercise that is hotly talked about in many media.
Swing your sword to the exhilarating music to shape your mind and body! We aim to lead a stress-free, healthy and prosperous life.
Reki-jo, girls who love swords, and of course those who are not interested in swords are welcome! It's a women-only fitness class, so if you are interested, feel free to make a trial reservation from the sword exercise homepage ♪

Samurai Training Tokyo

(For all who are interested in sword and sword dance)

Started in Asakusa as an experience content for foreign tourists visiting Japan. To date, men and women of all ages from more than 80 countries have participated. Experienced with famous UK rock bands and NBA players. Of course, Japanese people can also experience it, and basically it is a private lesson for individuals or groups, so you can participate with confidence. Feel free to join us as a one-day samurai experience of the school.

Please let us know your preferred date and time as we can hold requests.

Online lessons

(For students at home or at work without moving)

For those who live in Japan as well as overseas and cannot attend face-to-face lessons, those who want to take lessons at home, and individuals or groups can feel free to take lessons. Those who wish to become FC owners and those who are companies can also take the course without the cost and time of traveling. Feel free to contact us first!

Interact with sales people

The sales department accepts requests and consultations such as show stage appearances, workshop planning, product sales, and hands-on events for foreign tourists visiting Japan.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We will visit you anywhere in the country if necessary.

To all of the companies

We will propose a fitness plan for travel agencies as a samurai experience and welfare benefits for employees.
We are also looking for a sword exercise program agency and FC owners at the gym.

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