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Founder of Iemoto Sword Exercise

Ukon Takato

As the second generation of the creative Japanese dance Takato style based in Kanazawa, he plans, writes, and appears in creative dance. Successful performances in historic buildings such as Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theater 2nd generation ceremony, Nijo Castle, Daitokuji dedication dance, Kodaiji 400th anniversary, and overseas performances in the United States, China, Taiwan, Hawaii, Philippines, Bali, etc. .. Not only as an Iemoto of the school, he has many faces such as a part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo and a special envoy for tourism in Ishikawa. In recent years, he has appeared as a main guest after a greeting from the Governor of Tokyo at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government 150th Anniversary Reception. Furthermore, he formed a unit with DJ KOO and continued to perform in the world.

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Sword dance Ukonryu master sword exercise presided over

Pearl lily

The most disciple of Ukon Takato. While performing the stage such as Tokyo where the forest is crowded, he established Kenmai Ukonryu- Cloud-and also handles general production. In addition, he currently presides over "Sword Exercise" launched by Ukon Takato and leads it as a basic course of the school. In addition, he also directs kids model sword dance classes and conducts seminars for companies and organizations.

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School Natori Swordsman

Guren / Kousuke / Sakurafu / Kaisou / Light Snow / Haru Aoi / Aoi Hiiragi / Biren / Sakura Kagayaki / Kaoru Mame / Hiiragi / Otori Sakura / Aiko / Iron Fan / Midori / Sakura Kan / Sakuraya /
Mizuki Ichika / Kagayaki Ume / Rainbow Rose Rainbow Sea / Saifu Ran / Himekocho / Moss Maru / Fuwa Kaori / Asagiri Sakura /
Senboku / Ryokan no Maru / Kibana / In no particular order

Kyoushi 7th Dan Sakura Kanade
Teacher 7th Dan Hanajiro
5th Dan Miren
5th Dan Hiiragi
in no particular order

橘 桜奏 / 花次郎
橘 美蓮 / 橘 柊美
橘 晴葵 / 橘 一華美月 / 橘 菖蒲 / 橘 鈴千花 / 橘 瑶葩 / 橘 楓月

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