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Past case ①

Foreign group samurai experience

Twenty-five customers experienced Samurai Training Tokyo as the content of the Japan tour of the French school.

At first, she wears a kimono, obi, and hakama and transforms into a samurai. After that, a photo session with a sword.
The lesson has finally started. Beginning with courtesy, how to handle swords, sword pulling and sword delivery, and finally sword fight! !! We were very satisfied with the 25 male and female participants.
After the end, a school official certificate with a photo will be issued.
In addition, we have a
track record of accepting groups of up to 40 people for sightseeing tours and corporate training .

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSAでのチームビルディング

Group photo with all participants! !!

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSA 礼に始まる

Start the experience from "Reiho"

Samurai Training Tokyo ASAKUSAの体験中

The teacher carefully guides you! !!


Presenting a certificate with a photo! !!

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