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A collaboration with Saab, the exclusive Japanese jeans manufacturer of the world's largest jeans brand "Levi's".


This product has been arranged to give a Jeans-specific atmosphere while maintaining the original image and fit of the originally Hakama.


The sewing is done on a sewing machine specially designed for Jeans, and core threads are used for interlock stitching and koba stitching for strength and color fading after washing. The more you wear them, the more you can enjoy the aging process.

The parts that are subjected to force are reinforced with JEANS's unique can stitches. The color is also used as an accent. By using the kova stitching on the crease, the more you wear them, the more they will show signs of wear (whitish rubbed areas).


We have chosen a material that will give you a USED look when worn, so you will be able to enjoy the product over a long period of time as it ages.

Denim hakama (USED)

  • Length size (from bottom of front strap)  Length (from bottom of front strap)
    Small about 77cm about 30.3inch
    Medium about 82cm about 32.3inch
    Large about 88cm about 34.7inch

    Front cord front cord
    About 160cm left and right both left and right about 63.0inch

    Back cord
    Both left and right about 31.5inch

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