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Takafuji Ukon

He is the Master of UKON-ryu sword dance school and the 2nd generation of the Kofuji school of dance. He writes and directs sword dances and sword fighting based on Japanese dance, while he himself is active as a dancer both in Japan and abroad, and is on the way to becoming "the best dancer in the East.


"Kenmu dojo" management

We offer classes in Ukon-Ryu "Kenbudo" for people of all ages and nationalities, from those who are not good at exercising to advanced dancers. We also offer workshops by instructors.


Event Performances

He has performed with Ukon Takafuji on professional stages, and  have performed at local festivals and events, as well as at the Samurai Summer Festival (hosted by us).



We are currently developing a nationwide fitness program called "KATANA EXERCISE" to promote the Japanese cultural art of Kenbu(sword dance) throughout Japan.

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