Iemoto Takashifuji Ukon





Sword dance dojo management

Management of classes where you can learn the Ukon style "sword dance" from those who are not good at exercising to advanced students, regardless of age, gender or nationality. We also have on-site workshops by instructors.


Event appearance

He has a lot of achievements such as co-starring with Ukon Takato on the professional stage and appearing at local festivals and events only for beginners.


Sword exercise national domination

The fitness program “Sword Exercise” is being rolled out nationwide in order to spread the Japanese culture of sword dance throughout the country .


Sword dance Ukonryu

Tachibana Samurai Company

TEL: 080-6368-1368 (directly from the person in charge)

Headquarters 802 Hanakawado Sunny Mansion 2-2-5 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033

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